CMS Physics Week in September 2010 will be held in Kefaluka Resort Hotel in Akyarlar near Bodrum. Rooms will be booked for you by the travel agency, Nextour, once you register through the registration link and fax the resulting page with your credit card information. Please be advised that the travel agent will charge your credit card for the full amount upon receiving your fax.

A certain number of rooms will be pre-booked for this event, however if the number of participants exceed the capacity of the hotel, the hotels in the neigbourhood may be used if they are available. The pre-booked rooms will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. You should receive a confirmation from the travel agency within 3 working days. If you do not receive your confirmation please contact Nextour at .

The Kefaluka Hotel offers single/double (all with sea-view) rooms, ultra all inclusive (Unlimited food & drink for 24 h included in the room rate). For a minimum 5-night stay, the rates are as following (additional nights will be at the same rate):

Single room: 110 Euros/per person/day

Double room: 75 Euros/per person/day

For less than 5 nights stay the rates are:

Single room: 130 Euros/per person/day

Double room: 95 Euros/per person/day

The above rates are valid for registrations and paid reservations made before June 21, 2010. Reservations made after this date, an additional booking fee of 100 Euros will be requested.

Accompanying children:

For children that are in the 0-12 age range an additional bed in a Standard Double Room can be added free of additional cost. In the case of 2 accompanying children there are limited large Double rooms available where two additional beds can be provided. For the second child a half-adult price would be applied.

There exist also Family Suits which consist of a bedroom and a dining room and maximum 3+1 person can be accommodated. The price for such rooms is 230 Euros/room/day.

Another option for bigger families is the Connecting Rooms which are two Standard Double Rooms connected to each other internally and the cost of such rooms is twice the Standard Double Room (300 Euros/room/day).


An example of the rooms at Kefaluka Hotel

The Kefaluka Hotel is located at the beach and also several siwimming pools will be at your service.

Kefaluka Hotel has several conference rooms, the largest two rooms can be organized to accommodate 470 and 580 participants.